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Thank you for dropping by today. Whatever your skip hire needs are, we can come to your rescue, as we have for over 100,000 skip hire customers since 2003.

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We've recycled nearly 1 million tonnes of waste since we launched online back in 2003, providing a full range of skip hire services across the UK and Ireland from 2 cubic-yard Mini Skips, 4-Yard Midi Skips, 6 to 8-Yard Builder Skips, to 10, 12 and 14-Yard Maxi Skips and 20-40 Yard RORO (Roll On, Roll Off) skip containers.

We've even made video demos for you below to help make sure you get the right skip size for your job (there's nothing worse than having a skip that's too small for your waste!).

The historic town of Colchester is also the biggest Roman settlement within the Colchester borough of Essex.

The population was recorded at 104,390 during the 2001 census and since then the town has rapidly increased in population and as a preferred business location. In fact it is the fastest growing town in terms of population within the UK. Colchester is also the oldest known Roman town in Britain.

Once the capital of Roman Britain the town is a member of "Most Ancient European Towns Network" it is less than a 30 mile distance from Stansted Airport, Colchester is 60 miles North East of London.

Home to the historic Colchester Castle and Colchester United Football Club; the town has a long football history dating back to 1867.Other sports teams in the town include: Colchester Rugby Club, Colchester Gladiator (American Football) Club, a Weight Lifting Club and the Colchester and East Essex Cricket Club. Some of the home games for Essex County Cricket Club are played at Castle Park Cricket Ground.

A thriving business community and a large population ensure that Colchester Skip hire is always busy whether commercially or domestically.

Charges for skip hire permits across the UK vary considerably (generally permits will be priced from £20 - £50 in accordance with local council's prices). There are some councils' who require 24 hours to 36 hours for processing a skip hire permit whilst others are able to arrange your skip hire permit the same day it was requested.

Additionally, local councils across the UK will vary on the validity of their standard skip permits (these can be anywhere from 3 to 28 days and again will depend on the skip permit location).

If you require a skip permit for Colchester then we can either organise this for you on your behalf or if you prefer you can do this yourself. Should your Colchester skip hire permit need renewing after it has expired then the renewal permit for Colchester skip hire costs and associated timescales are the same as your initial skip hire permit.

Should your local council require 24 hours or more to process your skip permit then this will also be the case if a permit extension is required for skip hire in Colchester. It is important to keep a close eye on your permit expiry date because it may need you to renew it before your initial skip hire permit has expired.

Cheap skip hire Colchester is easy if you choose our convenient Topskips ?Wait and Load service'. Should you choose to use this cheap skip hire Colchester service your skip hire prices will be kept to a minimum. (Wait and Load is also the best fly-tipping deterrent you can use).

Topskips' wait and load wagon is sent to the site address along with an empty skip and it waits for half an hour whilst you dispose of all your waste. This is a handy way to eliminate local Council's skip hire permit costs.

Whatever your requirements are at Topskips can help!

Call us for a no-obligation quote for skip hire in Colchester on 08445 60 77 10.

We are an ISO:9001 registered company and part of PAL Hire.

This means that we're recognised internationally as having the highest quality systems. It also means that we supply not just skip hire, but tool hire, plant hire, toilet hire, fence hire - everything for your site or event.

If you did NOT find what you were looking for today, I'd really like to hear from you also - it will help us improve our service for others. Just email me using the contact form here.

Thank you!

Mark Attwood

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Skip Hire Sizes

We provide a full range of skips. The following videos show our most popular skips.

8 Cubic Yard Large Builders Skip

The 8yd Large Builder Skip is our most popular skip, and is the largest skip available for Heavy Waste . It can hold 60/80- bin bags of waste.

6 Cubic Yard Small Builders Skip

The 6yd Small Builder Skip is good for bulky waste, and can hold 50/60 bin bags of waste.

4 Cubic Yard Midi Skip

The 4yd Midi Skip is ideal for Kitchen and Bathroom refits, and can hold 30/40 bin bags of waste.

10 Cubic Yard Maxi Skip

The 10yd Maxi Skip is ideal for large house clearances. It can hold 80/100 bin bags of waste (but not heavy waste like bricks).

For more information, see our skip sizes page.

Skip Hire Permits

If you are placing a skip on the highway, your local council may require you to get a permit to do so. This varies from council to council. Some councils charge for this, some do not.

We can often sort this for you, although sometimes the council may require you to do it yourself. For further advice on your particular council, call our skip hire team on 08445 60 77 10 or visit our skip hire permits page.

What Can I Put In A Skip?

These things are good to put into one of our skips:

  • - General Household Waste
  • - General Building Site Waste
  • - Wood
  • - Metal
  • - Plastic
  • - Soil
  • - Bricks
  • - Paper and Cardboard
  • - Green Waste (recyclable)

These things are NOT good to put into one of our skips:

  • - Fridges
  • - Freezers
  • - Batteries of any kind
  • - Clinical Waste
  • - Fluorescent Light Tubes
  • - Old TV's
  • - Computer Monitors
  • - Asbestos
  • - Vehicle Tyres
  • - Tins of Paint (empty or not)
  • - Mattresses (in certain areas of the country)
  • - Plasterboard

The GOOD NEWS is that we do have a specialist hazardous waste department, so if you do need to dispose of any of these types of items or materials, call 0844 504 55 89 or visit our hazardous waste removal site for more details.

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